What is this Podcast about?

Welcome to my Website. Obviously, you know what it's about... But let's get into it. this site will be devoted and the home for my podcast In The End: There's Always A Disney God, if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to my podcast, to get updated when the episode has aired. It's more than clear why I created this podcast, and I did for reasons that I can count. For personal but for you guys too. This podcast goes into root of things such as TV and News related things, If you look at the title of the podcast In The End: There's Always A (Disney God), Disney is in this because I am a huge Disney fan. and like I said the podcast revolves around that world but many others as well. We talk about different trending topics over time and sometimes personal things that happen in my life as well. I hope you enjoy, all things ME and other topics as well, (OF COURSE)!



Disney God - AKA

Kenneth Nwanze



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